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Rigid uPVC VISTAGARD (Hatari) for underground cable and pipe protection.

This newly developed uPVC tiles are more practical, easier to handle and come

in signal red or sulphur yellow.

The many advantages over the conventional concrete tiles make this product

far much better for all applications and this is the main reason why, throughout

the developed world, the uPVC tile is making a big impact in covering underground

pipes and cables.


Effectiveness of concrete cable tiles is gradually reduced with time for the

following reasons :  

The steel reinforcement bars rust because concrete is porous.  This process is particularly fast in moist / wet ground conditions.  The concrete itself is a rigid

brittle material which can crack or flake when exposed to mechanical stress.

Such stresses can occur after installation when the back-fill settles or heavy

oads are applied downwards from ground level. Concrete brittleness also leads

to the deterioration of the tiles surface making any embossed lettering more

and more difficult to notice and read.

In the case of rigid uPVC cable tiles, a life span of at least 50 years is offered.

Proof of this is the use of rigid PVC pipes for water transportation all over the

world, uPVC pipe systems installed in Europe 50 years ago are still functioning

trouble free; indicating that rigid uPVC is highly resistant to ground conditions

and retains its properties over long periods of time.