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Q. What are the advantages of using uPVC Windows?

A. uPVC will not rot or corrode making it ideal for all areas. It is virtually maintenance

free and requires no painting or treatment.

Q. The coastal climate can be very harsh, how will this affect uPVC?

A. VISTA Windows Ltd have had their products on test for a long period of time. The products are resistant to ultra violet and are specially formulated to suit the coastal climate.

Q. I live near a busy main road, can your windows reduce the traffic noise?

A. Yes, our window system has an excellent sound proof capability, we have installed

our system into many buildings both domestic and commercial and in order to alleviate noise problems such as road and aircraft noise.

Q. Where are the VISTA uPVC products made?

A. Our products are locally fabricated in our factory at Lukenya, Mombasa road.

The following are the Energy and Environmental benefits of VISTA WINDOWS

uPVC products;

* Fire Safety:  

PVC's fire performance is well known and well tested. PVC is inherently flame

retardant due to its chlorine base, it does not readily ignite and most PVC products

will not continue to burn once a flame source is removed. The products of PVC

Combustion are no more hazardous than those produced by other common materials

both natural and synthetic.

* Durability:

PVC building products are highly durable which conserves resources. They will not rot

or corrode like many other materials and do not need cleaning with harsh chemicals

or frequent painting.

* Maintenance:  

PVC is low maintenance; Vinyl products such as flooring, wall coverings and windows, require very little maintenance over their life span - a benefit both environmental and economical. PVC windows and cladding, for example, do not require painting, thereby reducing potential emissions. Vinyl flooring requires less cleaning and less use of chemicals than comparable materials.

* Added Value:  

PVC adds value to everyday life, contributing to a higher standard of living. PVC

(or vinyl) is the leading plastic material for the construction market, where it makes products like electric cable insulation, pipe, flooring, windows and house siding more durable and cost-effective.

* Manufacturing phase:  

Studies show that PVC vinyl windows require two-thirds less energy to manufacture than aluminium windows. The use of vinyl over alternatives in window frames saves the United States nearly 2 trillion BTUs of energy per year - enough to meet the yearly electrical needs of 20,000 single-family homes.

* Use phase:  

PVC is an efficient insulating material for heat and cold, which means that vinyl

windows maintain an even temperature, keeping them comfortable to the touch and decreasing condensation caused by indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity

Differentials. The design of vinyl window frames further enhances their energy efficiency by creating chambers in the frame that provide additional resistance to heat transfer

And insulating air pockets.

* Recycling:  

PVC is inherently recyclable. More than 1 billion pounds are recycled annually

(mostly post-industrial), according to a recent study. Many carpet manufacturers

using PVC backing have highly successful recycling programs, including C&A

Floorcoverings (which has recycled over 100 million pounds of vinyl backed carpet).

* Life cycle analysis:

PVC’s impacts on the environment are comparable to or lower than most

Alternatives. A 2004 study of environmental life-cycle analyses (LCAs) of PVC

and competing building materials by the European Commission (EC) found

that PVC offers environmental benefits equal to or better than those of other

materials in many applications.

* Credentials:  

PVC's credentials are confirmed by science. The scientific evidence has not

supported allegations made about PVC. A recent independent study by the

CSIRO concluded that: "the adverse environmental effects of using PVC in

building products are very small, and no greater than those for other

materials.  In 2004, the European Union published a review of life cycle

assessments of PVC and competing materials and made a similar finding.

There is no evidence to support a material bias.




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